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  • Promotion of a multi-actor transnational cooperation
  • Enhancement of the knowledge about technology solutions available to local communities
  • Increase of the specialisation of Civil Protection teams
  • Contribution to collaborative and informed decision makers
  • Awareness- raising and enhancement of the policy and institutional commitment for increasing public support
  • Increase of the citizens’ capacities to contribute to building resilience within their communities
  • Awareness- raising of citizens about policies and solutions discussed, developed and or adopted by their territorial entities
  • Identification of EU and international best practices and technologies to improve urban resilience to disasters
  • Training of Civil Protection teams to increase their specialisation and role in support to decision makers, stakeholders and local communities
  • Active involvement of policy-makers and decision-makers in the development of local pilot actions for urban resilience improvement
  • Informing and training citizens about the meaning of resilience and how they can contribute to a more resilient city