EPICURO will contribute to foster urban prevention knowledge thanks to:

  • Achievement of higher level of protection and resilience against disaster
  • Development, adoption and circulation of solutions of disaster prevention and reduction
  • Improvement of cities resilience by enhancing the qualities of the individual systems
  • Development of resilient urban systems
  • Reinforcement, dissemination and achievement of the goals set by the ongoing initiatives


  • Reinforcement of the existing network at EU (and worldwide) level by promoting resilience activities
  • Increase local level understanding of disaster risks and resilience including a facilitated access to information


  • Provide cities with new tools, increased experience and larger experts networks to design actions and programs to improve urban resilience
  • Support the adoption of more integrated approaches compared to sectorial programming and enhance the figure of Civil Protection experts as supporting teams towards urban resilience


  • Contribute to the aligning of sectorial plans and individual projects with the city’s vision including the capacity of developing city strategies and plans which are able to integrate DRR, climate risk management and sustainable development
  • Contribute to the achievement of effective urban planning by means of participatory approaches involving citizens, the private sector and academia.