Epicuro goes to Bruxelles

Epicuro goes to Bruxelles

On  October 9th 2018, Epicuro project will participate to the final conference of the twinned project RESIN  in Bruxelles.

RESIN project worked on developing practical and applicable tools to support cities in designing and implementing climate adaptation strategies for their local contexts. Within the same perspective, Epicuro project is supporting 5 European cities to identify city challenges and to develop a Local Strategic Adaptation Plan to reduce climate change impacts and improve urban resilience level.

Project coordinator Municipality of Vicenza, will attend working group focused on resilience and climate change, bringing Epicuro strategy and comparing it with RESIN experience and results.

It will be an important moment to share knowledge and lesson learnt, as well as reinforce of the existing network at European levelin promoting resilience.

Check the programme of the event here: http://www.resin-cities.eu/conference/ 

For more information about RESIN see the web page dedicated to Epicuro twinned project, click here

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