Epicuro Final Conference @London on December 6th 2018

Epicuro Final Conference @London on December 6th 2018

The final conference of EPICURO will be held in the City of London during the day of 6 December 2018.

The conference marks the culmination of the EPICURO project with learning from across the European partnership. The aim of the conference is for the partner cities to share their experiences highlighting challenges and transferable solutions. Good practices and training methods will be presented with opportunity for discussion and exchanging of information. The audience will comprise delegates from the partners including senior politicians from each City country because throughout the project, political buy-in has been a major factor. As well as, private and voluntary sector individuals and organisations with an interest in Climate Change and Resilience.

Download and read the conference invitation here!

The participation is free of charge.

Registration is required at https://www.tcpa.org.uk/Event/epicuro-local-resilience 

Stay tuned, more details will come soon!





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